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MICHAEL MCLAUGHLIN (PH.D., RTC), Executive Director, Counsellor

Michael has a doctorate in Religious and Cross-cultural Studies and is a licensed Registered Therapeutic Counsellor with specialization in substance and behavioural addictions. He is creator and administrator of CHIU. He is motivated by his perception that digital media have potential to alienate individuals from the social and physical world. Screens really are screens; they block our view. Michael is concerned about the research that shows cognitive (thinking) performance can be impaired by some types of digital activity, especially during early development stages. Michael is passionate about reconnecting people with people and the planet. Location: Gibsons Michael has a private practice for a broad spectrum of mental health issues: Renewal Counselling

Dr Susan Barber

DR. SUSAN BARBER (MA/PhD Education; MA Counselling Psychology): Education Programs Coordinator

Susan combines a career in K- adult teaching, educating pre- and in-service teachers with a Masters in Counselling Psychology. Augmenting her extensive classroom experience, counselling allows her to facilitate more effective learning through collaborating with educators and promoting student success through advancing socio-emotional skills, sense of belonging, and overall wellbeing. Susan’s research is directed toward teacher education and curriculum development, with specializations in language and literacy for marginalized student populations.

Dr. Barber will lead our public and schools education program. She will work with our counselling team to shape evidence-based presentations on optimizing the use of digital media in classroom education. She will contribute to our presentations on the impact of exposure to digital media on the learning and social development of children.

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